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        Dimitris Pantazopoulos was born in Athens and studied art history and design in New York,
developing a passion for art and antiques. He has decorated residences in Athens and the Greek islands and designed jewelry, becoming increasingly interested in cameos and intaglios. In the past ten years, he has been collecting antique stones from the Mediterranean, extending from 
the Roman era to the Neoclassical period, and from ancient Egypt to the Ottoman East. The stones that form his jewelry include beautifully carved corals, Egyptian glass, lapis lazuli, jasper, pietra lavica, pâte de verre and many others. He aims at giving a renewed life to these miniature classical sculptures, by combining them with other colourful stones, guided by an eclectic inspiration which moves from antiquity to the Grand Tour and the spirit of the Mediterranean. His jewels are all hand-made in Italy uniting tradition and modernity.

copyright © 2013 Dimitris Pantazopoulos

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